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Bergen, Callantsoog, Schoorl en Petten

Discover the charming villages around Camping Sint Maartenszee.


The beautiful beach of Bergen aan zee invites many a beach visit. But there is more to do in Bergen. In the summer you can visit unique art markets in Bergen and talk to painters, sculptors and photographers. Tip for families: dive into the underwater world of the Sea Aquarium in Bergen aan Zee.


Callantsoog is the most beautiful seaside resort in the Netherlands. Here you will find beautiful white sandy beaches and several beach pavilions. Callantsoog also has a cosy village square with terraces and shops. Activities are regularly held on the village square, such as a fair, a carnival and a musical event. Nice to visit!


Schoorl is a unique village with a mega climbing dune. Children can have a great time on this 51-metre-high sand mountain. They can play and run up and down the mountain. Meanwhile, the parents can relax on the terrace at the foot of the dune. Tip: take a walk through Schoorl, because Schoorl has more than 60 kilometres of footpaths.


If you are looking for a nice seaside resort, you should go to Petten. Petten has a beautiful wide beach. The place to be to relax, swim or learn to surf. And from the dunes you have a breathtaking view over the village, the beach and the sea. Tip: discover the beautiful walking and cycling paths in the dune area towards Camperduin.

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